Fresh Breath and Greater Self-Confidence!

Dentolan – No. 1 in the Care Of Fresh Breath!

Dentolan is a multi-ingredient food supplement for people struggling with bad breath. Its unique composition works from the inside, removing the source of the problem and taking care of digestive comfort and the correct pH of gastric juice.

The ingredients of the product effectively removes bad breath caused by gastric problems, improper diet or other disorders. It is an excellent complement to regular tooth brushing and provides complete protection against halitosis.

Fresh Breath is Your Strong Point

Oral hygiene is not always enough to have fresh breath. People who struggle with halitosis on a daily basis know this all too well. Usually just a few minutes after brushing their teeth they feel an unpleasant odour, which unfortunately is also perceptible by those close to them.

It is worth realizing that the causes of bad breath often lie much deeper. They can result from diseases, medications used, fluctuations in digestive processes, constipation, SIBO and many other causes.

As the chart shows, Dentolan in combination with oral hygiene can achieve a much longer freshness effect compared to oral hygiene alone.

The conclusion is simple:
Brushing teeth and using mouthwash is not enough. Dentolan will give you a long-lasting feeling of intense freshness for several hours!

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